The daily gossip: Lana Del Rey hints she's ready to leave L.A., the Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder is the Halloween costume of 2020, and more

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Lana Del Rey.
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Lana Del Rey is 'ready to leave L.A.'

What is Lana Del Rey without L.A.? We're potentially about to find out; the singer claims she is "ready to leave L.A." in the lyrics of her new song, "Let Me Love You Like a Woman," which dropped at midnight on Friday. Originally a New Yorker, Del Rey moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and has spent the years since making the city her entire persona, which included taking up the hobbies of "grocery shopping, arranging flowers, [and] catching up on reality TV." But don't worry: Del Rey is still a California girl at heart, suggesting in the song that a mere "eighty miles north or south will do." Next stop … Ojai? California really is more than just a state of mind, after all. [Vulture, Spotify]


Do you have your Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder costume yet?

With apologies to Sexy Hand Sanitizer, the Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder is indisputably the Halloween costume of 2020. Nathan Apodaca, a.k.a. DoggFace, became everyone's favorite longboarder after he shot a viral TikTok of himself vibing to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" while drinking Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. Since single-handedly putting the song back in the Billboard Top 100, Apodaca has pivoted to Halloween costumes, selling a kit that includes his signature gray crewneck, oversized tee, black cotton shorts, tube socks, a temporary feather tattoo, and a fake mustache ("just add Ocean Spray and/or longboard"). It'll run you $77.99, but he promises if you order by Oct. 22, it'll be delivered in time for Halloween. Just don't forget to wear a two-layer cloth mask over your mustache to stay safe! [Stereogum, DoggFace Merch]


Ashley Tisdale reveals her baby's gender without the use of pyrotechnics

Ashley Tisdale managed to reveal the gender of her baby without burning down the entire state of California. On Instagram, the High School Musical actress shared pictures of her baby's gender reveal cake-cutting ceremony with her husband, the composer Christopher French — as well as her gleeful reaction to the confection's pink interior. "This year has obviously been hard," Tisdale, 35, wrote in the caption. "For so many. Ups and downs, and an emotional roller coaster. I think this day was by far my favorite day EVER! I cried, I was so happy." But she added: "[Please] for all you people going above and beyond for gender reveal parties. A cake with the color inside is JUST as rewarding as fireworks but SAFER!" [Instagram, Just Jared]


Dua Lipa won't tolerate the 'completely untrue' claim that she violated COVID-19 restrictions

Dua Lipa is fighting back against reports that she violated COVID-19 restrictions while shooting a music video in London this week. "Dua and her entourage were having the time of their lives, but for those living around them it was a nightmare," a source had supposedly told the British tabloid The Sun. "It looked as though the people on the shoot were breaking rules and social distancing was totally out of the question." None of that is correct, according to the 25-year-old singer. "This is completely untrue — absolutely all guidelines were complied with," she wrote on Instagram. "This is one of many untrue stories published by this newspaper about me this year. My lawyers have sent a letter to the newspaper today." [Just Jared]


The Veep showrunner and Game of Thrones prequel writer confess they hoard memorabilia from their shows

What do Veep showrunner David Mandel and the writer-producer of the forthcoming Game of Thrones prequel series, Ryan Condal, have in common? They're both passionate collectors of movie memorabilia. The two have joined forces to launch a podcast about their hobby, The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, and confessed to Vulture that their obsessions run so deep that they've even taken stuff from their own shows. "I have a ridiculous amount of Veep stuff. I have more Veep stuff than anyone should possibly have," Mandel said. Asked if he'd called dibs yet on anything from the GoT prequel set, Condal teased: "I haven't … but I have. I'll just say that I will very much enjoy the last day of shooting." [Vulture, The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of]